Calories Burned for Crunches

calories burned for crunches

Crunches belong to one of the most popular exercises. It is well known with the effectiveness in burning fat and calories. So, how many calories do crunches burn?

Different people may burn different calories by doing crunches. Crunches can be done at a gym or at home. If you want to know more about the burned calories through crunches, let’s pay attention to the following discussion.

The number of calories you burn is depends on some factors; related to body weight and duration. You can also optimize it by combining with jumping jacks, planking, sit-ups or push-ups.

Calories Burned by Abs Crunches

Crunches can be really effective to burn calories especially on abs. The burned calories crunches burn can be about 4 or 5 calories / minute. It depends on body composition. In 30 minutes, crunches will burn calories about 120 calories to 150 calories.

There are many abs crunches that you can do. One of them is traditional crunches. Besides that, you can also consider abdominal crunches on a ball. Then, vertical leg crunches also belong to the ideas. Next, it will also be a good idea to do long arm crunches. Another most common abs crunches is reserve crunches. You can do based on your desire. Calories burned by doing crunches is similar between one way to another.
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Combining Crunches with Sit-ups / Jumping Jacks for Burning Calories

If you want to optimize calorie burnt, we recommend you to combine crunches with other exercises. One of the best ideas is to combine crunches with sit-ups. With 150 pounds of body weight, you can burn 250 to 280 calories by doing crunches & sit-ups in 15 minutes.

Actually, crunches cannot only be combined with sit-ups. However, you are also allowed to combine crunches with other workouts. For example, doing crunches and jumping jacks will help you burn calories faster. Anyway, you cannot skip crunches if you want to burn calories. This is great for you who want to get more ideal body weight and better body shape.